Wowie, you're really here! Welcome to Comfy Couch Clothes!

What is comfy couch clothes?

Hello friends, 

I'm sure you're wondering what this place is all about. Comfy? What's a comfy? Couch? What is couch? Clothes? Who are clothes? 

I'm going to answer all of these questions and more, but first I want to tell you what we're not. We're not a bunch of meanies. We're not a bunch of buttheads, and that's for sure, and most importantly...

Comfy Couch Clothes is not a diabolical front for a cartoon chicken to gain a foothold in the clothing industry as part of a convoluted plan to achieve world domination. No, that's not what we're about, no sirree. 

Instead, what Comfy Couch Clothes is... is... a husband and wife teams dream to create adorable fun clothes that anyone can be comfy in, girls, boys, men, and women! And to that end we have partnered with the incredibly talented Francesca De Vivo to create a set of custom characters and illustrations that embody this concept 'stay cute, stay couch, and stay comfy.' 

We know our selection is still a little bit limited right now, but that's because all of our designs and illustrations are custom made to the highest possible standard. You will not find our designs, like the popular and very fun and definitely protected by parody law 'Power of the Dog Side' line anywhere else!

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